Writting a Mission Statement

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I started this week with the simple goal of writing a mission statement for my new (yet to be announced) business venture. Soon I realized this was not going to be so easy after all. Instead, it has turned into the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write.

Because I believe one persons struggles can become someone else’s victories I would like to share my process with you.

So what is a mission statement? A mission statement should briefly describe your companies fundamental purpose. Or if you like to work backwards like myself, describe your purpose fundamentally? Or for those of you who appreciate simplicity, what is of “central importance” to your company?

Trying to specify your purpose and fundamentals requires determination. You must be able to define your intentions and decide firmly on what you desire to achieve.

To figure out my purpose, I asked myself:
1.) What was it that originally and/or primarily sourced my motivation?
2.) What are my intentions and objectives?
3.) What do I wish to attain through this venture?

To determine what is fundamental to my business I asked myself:
1.) What are the primary and necessary components of my business?
2.) What determines my essential structure or function?
3.) How will my business generate enough income to sustain itself?

When you really break it down into it’s simplest form a Mission Statement is the why (purpose) and the how (fundamentals) of your business plan.

Hope this little peak into my mental processing center helps guide and encourage you to make a mission statement if you have or are wishing to start a business.

Wishing you smiles and sunshine,

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