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So, what is this crazy new thing called Periscope? I for one, would have no idea, if it weren’t for my beautiful, nerdy sister @AlessandraCo. She is an amazingly tech-savvy encourager, who sent me the link for this app.

For years now, this girl has been trying to get me to embrace technology. She remained unsuccessful, until about two and a half weeks ago, when I decided to try this magical thing called Periscope she told me about.

I am, as I was called out on a recent Periscope broadcast of mine, a technophobe. Advanced technology and complex devices make me nervous! Just wanted to get that off my chest before I carry on with this blog post.

As much as I hate to admit it, my fear of technology has kept me from growing. I am an artist, designer and humanitarian, who loves sharing life and inspiration with others. The problem is there is only one of me.

I can only be present in one place at a time, but I want to be everywhere. I want to be able to meet new people, experience new things and share my passion with the world, simultaneously. Impossible, right? Wrong.

For a little over two weeks now, I have been able to live my dream. I have been meeting new and amazing people almost every day. I have experienced new things and places, while sharing my self with others.

My passion thrives on people and connectivity, and Periscope has given me the gift of accessibility. I am so happy to have found an outlet that allows me and others to simply be who we are and find others who share our vigor.

I find beauty daily, through consciousness and gratefulness, but now my scope has been broadened. Beautiful people from places I didn’t have access to previously are reveling themselves to me daily on Periscope.

So @TheCraftyCutie (that’s me), nice intro, but what the heck is Periscope? Well, Periscope is a mobile app you can get on any Android or Apple device. Here is a very low tech, how to video https://youtu.be/SQVigAQL82w

You simply download the app, create a username through Twitter and you can then broadcast LIVE to anyone in the world. During your “scope” the viewers can comment, ask questions, and send you hearts in real time.

It is a really amazing way to connect with people in a much more personal way. Other social media outlets offer similar options for following each other and interacting, but none have been as easy for me to as Periscope.

I love the fact that Periscope provides a simple way to do LIVE streaming, while interacting with others. I appreciate the opportunity it is opening up to someone like me who is intimidated by technology and social media.

Just the other day I was telling a friend how impersonal Twitter felt to me, until Periscope. Now I am able to get to know people personally and then decide whether I want to follow them on Twitter and vice versa.

WE are all such incredibly busy creatures it’s difficult to find time for ourselves, let alone others. My desire has always been to include other human beings in my daily discoveries, and now I can through Periscope.

I, @TheCraftyCutie, am now a daily Periscope user and today I invite to join me in this journey. After a lifetime of numbing myself, I have finally accepted and dealt with my past and I am awake and ready to grow.

My hope is to awaken others by sharing my passion and enthusiasm for life with the world. For the first time ever, I am committing to a social media platform, because I feel like I have found my community.

If you haven’t given Twitter’s app Periscope a test drive yet, I highly recommend it. Be forewarned though, it can be addicting, as it is the most versatile form of reality t.v., allowing you to watch others in real time 😉

Here is the link to download Periscope for Android:


Here is the link to download Periscope for Apple:


And here you can watch @TheCraftyCutie & @AECjosh walk you through just how simple it is to download the app and sign up for Periscope.


Wishing you smiles and sunshine,

Tatiana A.K.A @TheCraftyCutie




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