Sky’s the limit

Happy new year to all! Sky’s the limit is my motto for this year. I feel as though all too often people, including myself, set goals based on what seems logical. No one wants to disappoint themselves or others. The fear of failure keeps us from going for anything that seems to be beyond our reach. This mentality limits what we are actually capable of accomplishing, to the confines of what our doubtful minds are telling us.

This year make the sky your limit as well. Reach beyond what you think is possible. You never know, instead of disappointment, may come surprise!

Wishing you the greatest year ever,


Artwork Pictured above was created on a 12″ x 12″ canvas. Materials used include paint, sand, bird cut outs, Jenni Bowlin Plain Chipboard Elements: Banner, letter stamps and Ranger Black Archival Ink.

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