In one of my previous blog posts I mentioned how privilege usually comes with responsibility. Well, I find myself facing the reality of this today actually. My hope is that blogging about it will help me sort some things out.

I have the honor and privilege of being in the Designer Showcase at the CHA Conference and Trade Show. When I applied to be in the Showcase I had complete confidence that I was a good enough designer and artist to take part. What I didn’t realize is that is only a small fraction of what you need to make it as a designer in the craft and hobby industry.

As a designer you have to really promote yourself and your work. You should have displays and postcards that represent you and what you do. Which poses questions like “who am I?,” “what do I do?” and “why do I do it?” Sounds ridiculous I know, but it’s so much more complex than it sounds. Or maybe I am the complicated one? Either way I find myself in a very difficult transition. I have to take my focus off of creating art and onto why I create it and what it has to offer others.

Usually when life presents me with a challenge, I work through it by creating a piece of artwork. Unfortunately, I have promised myself not to create anything new unless it is related to the show. Since my usual option was not available, I decided to try something new. I went through all my artwork and designs and picked the piece that best represented me and what my work stands for. The piece is titled “Hope.”

To be continued…..

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