Makeover Monday-Repurposed book

I love books! I don’t necessarily love the things associated with books such as reading or studying, I just love the books themselves. I am usually attracted to old discarded books and their unique character. The look and feel of a nicely worn cover is the best, it gives me a sense of wonder and discovery as to what it contains. Once the book is open I am instantly drawn to the form of letters and the words they create. I also have a great appreciation for the content these words make up. Words have the ability and power to bring forth knowledge, encouragement, entertainment, inspiration and offer an escape from reality, and/or a key to unlocking our imaginations. I guess the first three words of this post “I love books” pretty much sums it up.

When I found out what happens to some books when they are donated to be recycled my love of books become somewhat of a rescue mission. If a book is deemed unsuitable for sale, many book recyclers remove the back spine along with the front and back hard covers and discard them into the landfill. The inside of the book is then destroyed and sent to a mill for re-pulping. Being compelled by this knowledge, I began to visit my local recycling center and salvaging some of these undesirables. I now use a lot of these discarded books in my artwork. The artwork featured at the top of this post is an example of what you can do with a salvaged book of your own.

Hope this gives you the inspiration to go out and save some books life, lol!  But be careful, you might become a bibliophile A.K.A someone who loves books!

Sending you creative love,


Step 1:  Fold page down from top to center of book.

Step 2:  Fold same page up from bottom to center of book.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on every page of book. And then decorate inside of front and back cover with scrapbook paper and cut out words of course.  Yes, it is that easy!

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