MAD (Making A Difference) Monday honoree Jon Jacques

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”  -John Quincy Adams

Today is MAD (Making A Difference) Monday and I would like to introduce you to someone I believe is MAD. About a month ago I entered into a new dimension called PeriscopeTV. A few days later, I finally found a broadcast that caught my attention. I clicked on @jonjacquestv and I experienced my first Periscope connection.

That evening I had put my kids to bed and was waiting for my husbands return from his basketball game. I grabbed my phone and plopped down on my closet throne. I turned my phone on and clicked the icon for my new live video streaming app. I scrolled down and was drawn into a broadcast entitled “Let’s talk about failure & how to bounce back”.

Immediately after entering into this strangers world, he made eye contact with me and I felt his presence. The journalist in me was moved to document my experience, so I grabbed notecards and a pen. I returned to my seat in the closet, and continued to listen to Mr. Jacques. His face filled my screen as his words filled my cards.

The more he spoke, the greater my connection with him and his audience became. I had nothing in common with the guy, yet I could relate to everything he was saying. In between note taking, I interacted via comments and he responded kindly. I felt like I had know him forever and towards the end of his scope, my husband returned home.

I remember laughing as @AECJosh (that’s my husband) walked in and I said “is it weird that I’m watching some random guy in our closet?” I got no rise out (no pun intended) of him and he got in the shower as I returned to my PeriscopeTV episode. I refocused my attention on Jon’s voice as he said “type the word smile if you’re new on my Periscope”.

Jon Jacques said hello to new people, and shared that he started doing magic when he was 10 years old. When he was 12, Lance Burton shared the following message with him, “The only mistakes you make are the ones you acknowledge’. This taught him that “there are always going to be things you can’t control, so learn to role with the punches”.

He shared these words with myself and his other current viewers after a failed Periscope attempt. During an earlier performance, an incoming call interrupted his live magic trick and the broadcast was ended. He told us it was okay though and that he was just going to roll with the punches because he believed in Periscope.

Suddenly his failed attempt to live stream a magic show turned into a motivational speech. He passionately expanded on how Periscope was leading him to live in the moment and changing his game and dynamic. Jon went on to talk about how performing live is a risk because anything can happen and there are no edits.

He has now been performing for 14 years and has done over 2,000 live performances. To me these numbers representing time and experience are impressive but meant nothing. What brought meaning into my heart and left an impression on my mind, was that I connected with another human being who was passionate about life.

I will leave you, my dear readers, with my favorite quote from that evening, “Don’t think about your mistakes, the audience doesn’t know what’s expected to happen, YOU control the room”. Words to remember during your next broadcast people 😉 Thank you for Making A Difference on Periscope and in my world @jonjacquestv!

Wishing you smiles and sunshine,

@TheCraftyCutie (Tatiana)

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