Keys to Unlocking a Good Design

Here are the close ups of the houses I promised in my last blog post. I found it rather difficult to get good pictures of the keys. Since they are shiny, I couldn’t use my flash and had to wait for the right daylight. Anything that involves timing is nearly impossible when you are a mother, but I finally got it done!

House #1’s “Keys to Unlocking a Good Design” are Aspiration, Balance, Color, Direction, Emotion, Focus, Guidance, Harmony, and Imagination.

House #2’s “Keys to Unlocking a Good Design” are Juxtapositon, Knowledge, Layers, Movement, Notion, Objective, Planning and Quality.

House #3 & 4’s “Keys to Unlocking a Good Design” are Relations, Subject, Texture, Unity, Vision, Work, X-axis, You, and Zest.

So next time you’re trying to come up with a good design, all you have to do is remember your ABC’s.


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