Keys to Unlocking a Good Design

Here are the close ups of the houses I promised in my last blog post. I found it rather difficult to get good pictures of the keys. Since they are shiny, I couldn’t use my flash and had to wait for the right daylight. Anything that involves timing is nearly impossible when you are a mother, but I finally got it done!

House #1’s “Keys to Unlocking a Good Design” are Aspiration, Balance, Color, Direction, Emotion, Focus, Guidance, Harmony, and Imagination.

House #2’s “Keys to Unlocking a Good Design” are Juxtapositon, Knowledge, Layers, Movement, Notion, Objective, Planning and Quality.

House #3 & 4’s “Keys to Unlocking a Good Design” are Relations, Subject, Texture, Unity, Vision, Work, X-axis, You, and Zest.

So next time you’re trying to come up with a good design, all you have to do is remember your ABC’s.


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  • Kylie Young

    Love how cute these turned out!

  • Bridget

    Wow, you found just the perfect words to describe the creative process!  If we analyze each one and create designs that incorporate at least many, if not all of them, our designs and our careers will be a huge success!  Congratulations, the whole display is both beautiful and meaningful!

  • admin

    You’re so sweet! Thanks!