Follow the Leader

Yesterday was my youngest sons first day of school. It was such a special day! He spent the entire previous day talking about going to school. Almost every time he mentioned school, he made sure to let me know how big he was. This made me giggle the next day, as he followed behind his older brother, who made him look so little. Big brother led the way until they reached the school doors, at which point little brother opened his own door. From there on my youngest child led the way as I directed his path. When we reached his classroom he confidently opened the door, walked right in and dove into playing with his peers.

Today as I was working on my portfolio, I stumbled upon some of my first artistic creations. They made me smile and remember how I felt when creativity first began to flow through me. As I was thinking about all this I received a reply to a tweet I had made earlier to Claudine Hellmuth, Claudine just so happens to be one of my favorite artists and the one who inspired my very first piece of art work, pictured above! I smiled again and realized how my sons first day of school was a metaphor for what will soon be my first CHA Designer Showcase.

Much like my son followed his older brother, I too have followed the creative lead of fellow artists and designers. They have opened many wonderful doorways and inspired me to try out different artistic paths. At some point I opened a door which led me to make my own path. I think come January 30th I am going to confidently walk through the Anaheim Convention Center doors and dive right into playing with my CHA Designer Showcase peers.

Maybe one day, I too will be able to say “I’m big!”


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