My Art Studio Reveal

Today I celebrate a clean and organized art studio and wanted to share this moment with you through the youtube video link posted above. This is a big milestone for me since it has been my hearts desire to reach this goal since we moved in, over 8 months ago.

So why did it take so long? Well, usually I would blame it on the 2 young children or husband who require much of my time and attention or on some other thing from my long list of excuses. Today however, I am taking sole responsibility for my choices and control of their outcomes.

Lately my anxiety level has been rising and I decided to do some soul searching to find the root of what’s causing it. My outward search turned into an inner battle and I had to confront some dark and challenging issues before I could see the light.

The realization I came to is that I live for the moment, instead of the future and make decisions based on what brings me temporary pleasure vs. long term enjoyment. While this can be a fine way to live while you’re young and time outweighs responsibility, there comes a day when you must prioritize.

To be continued…

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