distracted-webHere we go, carpe diem! I am inspired to start blogging again, but have been avoiding the commitment until today. So, Today is THE day. I’ve learned recently that the best way to pledge my allegiance to an idea and gain support, is to share my intentions with my community.

As a technophobe who now embraces multiple social media platforms I often feel torn trying to figure out where to spend my time. I am a full time mother of 2 young boys, one of which I homeschool, a wife and partner to a business owner and an artist.

My free time is very limited so I often struggle with deciding what parts of my life to share. When I finally choose something, I get overwhelmed and become anxious trying to figure out whether it belongs here or there on social media.

Periscope, the live video streaming app, has become my favorite place to reach out to others. It is where I go to feel and connect. I try to inspire and encourage viewers/friends by sharing my process and how I overcome hardship through creativity.

My next favorite place to be is on instagram. I am a very visual person so I love being able to see glimpses of my artistic life all in one beautiful space! I’ve tried to focus my last few posts on revealing the different stages my art work goes through…progress.

Recently I stumbled upon yet another social media app I love, called Anchor. This platform focuses on the audio experience and serves kind of like an interactive radio. It encourages people to use their voice and listen to how others respond.

Then there’s facebook and twitter which basically serve as support to my above 3 favorite platforms. It is easy for me to get lost in these two places, so I visit them mainly to check my messages and connect and communicate with specific people.

Last, and certainly least thought of or visited, is my poor, abandoned blog. For along time it sat, neglected and ignored because I feared that what I had to offer wasn’t good enough. Posts never felt right and I would obsess over each one in hope of perfecting it.

Things will never be perfect and Today, I accept that truth. In accepting this difficult reality I am acknowledging that it is time to let go of control. (just rolled my eyes as I typed this). Instead of falling back into old ways of thinking, I am going to move forward.

My blog will now serve as a home base for me @TheCraftyCutie and my community #TheCraftyCaravan <3 This will be the place where I gather myself in one place and share my journey with my dear fellow humans and  loved ones A.K.A YOU! 

I love you all and believe in each of you and your dreams!

Hold onto me as we go,

Tatiana (@TheCraftyCutie)

ARTWORK here—–>

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  • Deanna Anthony

    My blog has evolved over the years. In fact, one that I had for much of the time has disappeared (Blogger, you fickle thing) Blogger always enticed me to add this and add that! Let’s be colorful! Let’s be attention-getting! It ended up, however, just being a distraction. It is very freeing to just blog away! Don’t let what people think stand in your way!!! It’s your blog! It’s your art! Love ya! (waving at you from Savannah!)