Metal Madness day 8-14: Jewelry

I created the following pieces during the second week of March. At the beginning of the month I challenged myself to 4 weeks of “Metal Madness.”┬áThis madness would consist of me, making something out of metal every day for the following month. Day 1-7 are in my previous blog posts and here are days 8-14 .

Day 8 – “Follow Your Heart” pendant

Day 9 – “Unwind” pendant

Day 10 – “Fly” pendant

Day 11 – “In One Ear, Out the Other”

Day 12 – “Love” pendant

Day 13 – “Keys to Happiness”

Day 14 – “Grow” pendant

The pieces pictured above were made out of brass, copper and/or tin. All of the metal shapes were cut out, hammered and riveted, except for the keys which were just hammered and letter stamped. Hope these creations inspire you to play with some metal and see what designs you come up with.

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