Metal Madness day 3 – “Time Heals” earrings

Spring is in the air and everything I have created lately seems to reflect that. It is kind of hard not to be inspired during a season that brings about life and beauty. One of the things that amazes me during this time are the plants which appear to be dead and somehow come back to life. ┬áIt reminds me of a quote I once read which said, “Time heals what reason cannot.”

I love the simplicity and truth behind these words. Sometimes we feel the way my garden looks right now…dead. This feeling can be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional and seem as though it is going to last forever. But before you know it a new season of life will begin and with it will come healing and new life.

These earrings were my attempt at representing time and growth. I used copper flowers to depict growth and combined them with gears and clock hands to represent time.

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