Metal Madness day 22 – 28

Hip hip hooray! I completed my 4 week “Metal Madness” challenge and just finished editing the last picture. For anyone reading this post and wondering what in the world is Metal Madness? It was quite simply my theme for the month of March where I challenged myself to create something out of metal every day.

You can take a looksie at what I created during the first 3 weeks in my previous blog posts and the final week right here. Enjoy.

Day 22 – “Uncertainty” pendant


Day 23 – “Reach” pendant


Day 24 – “Fly Away” earrings


Day 25 – “”My Heart” pendant


Day 26 – “For the Birds” earrings


Day 27 – “2 become 1” earrings


Day 28 – “Time Flies” mixed media

I had so much fun working with metal on a daily basis. Cutting out shapes and adding texture to them with a hammer was a great stress reliever. All and all the month of March was a fabulous one. I hope all went well for you also, but if not, I wish you the best April has to offer.

Wishing you joy and happinness,


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