Sitting here in my art studio, I am overwhelmed by all the little things I have accumulated. What does all this mean to me? I am not one to accumulate too many things, like new clothes, jewelry or all kinds of make-up, but this little collection which I have been adding to over a period of time, has come to signify something special in my life. As I try to understand the reason for this, suddenly, out of the blue, a memory that has been tugging at my subconscious comes to mind, and everything becomes clear. I anxiously look for a piece of paper where, a few months ago, I wrote about a special experience.  I find it and read it, with a new understanding:

           “On a bright sunlit day, as I travel down a long stretch of road, I can’t help but admire God’s creation. I feel so alive! I don’t think I have ever had so many of my senses awaken at once.  I stop the car and get out to explore my surroundings. 

            First, my eyes become overwhelmed by the beauty of the trees, the sky and  the flowers. Then, my sense of smell gets stronger. I sense something both sweet and refreshing.  I act as a chef would, identifying different scents the same way they isolate different flavors in a dish.  The most identifiable one is the perfume of the blossoms lining the road, but there’s something else I cannot clearly identify. It is love.
            Next, my ears awaken to the sounds of the beautiful birds which surround me.  Jumping from branch to branch, they sing a glorious song. A song of joy and new beginnings. A song of freedom. This song is mixed with their constant chatter. They speak among themselves about their journeys and the discoveries they made along the way. Stories are shared regarding the obstacles they overcame in order to make it here, a place now called home.

            A magnificent nest catches my eye. It is huge and rests upon an old, mangled oak tree. I stop to admire its beauty and intricacy. I am soon graced with witnessing its artistic creator swoop in. The contrast between its red and black body and the light blue sky is striking. White tipped wings become almost transparent and glowing, as the bright sun backlights them.

           As the bird lands, I notice a long twig protruding from its beak. Thrilled by the joy of witnessing a nest being built, I think of Aristotle’s words: “In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous” and feel privileged to be a part of this new creation.”

Still sitting in the middle of my art studio surrounded by chaos, I finish reading the words I wrote that beautiful day and realize I now have the answer to my question. All these things I have collected, are all part of the nest I am building. From them I derive the inspiration to create the things I make and love. Looking at them and feeling them in my hands “suggests” new ideas to my subconscious mind, things I would never have thought of if I did not have them.

Revelation! Like the bird, I am an artist gathering pieces for my nest. It is very close to completion, which is both exciting and intimidating. Once the last twig finds its place, I will be ready to begin laying my artistic “eggs”, expressions of the things I feel and the experiences I have lived.           

This was written 6 months ago to the day…..My nest is now complete and I am ready. This blog will be my way to share with others my creations and the lessons I have learned along the way. Come and visit me in my carefully crafted nest. You can land here any time and feel warm and welcome. It is big enough for all of us, and you don’t have to worry about it falling down: I have attached it to the strong branch of creation with several tubes of Super Glue I have found among my treasures!

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