To New Beginnings Part I

To new beginnings.

The main reason I started a blog was to inspire others to be creative. I believe creativity has the same effect as Serotonin, contributing to feelings of well-being and hapiness. While making beautiful things brings joy to my own life, my main goal is to put a smile on the face of others.

Unfortunately, life and its many demands forced me to give up blogging and even creating art for a while. The good news is obligations have been taken care of and I was even able to face and overcome personal obstacles in the midst.

So, this first blog entry in quite some time is dedicated to celebrating the endings I once mourned, for they have brought life to new beginnings.

As some of you may know, my wonderful husband had been commuting  3-4 hours a day for the last year and a half. It was taking a toll on him and our family so we began to flirt with the idea of moving. With this idea planted, I began the painstaking process of going through our belongings.

This was an extremely difficult and emotional time for me since I have a tendency to want to hold onto everything. As a Mixed Media artist I envision objects being transformed into beautiful works of art. I look past the state of broken-ness to possibilities for restoration. I guess kind of in the same way God see’s you and I.

Unlike myself, God has all the time in the world to create beauty with the discarded and abandoned pieces He collects. Once I realized I did not have enough time for the projects I had once envisioned myself creating, I was able to let go. I found new homes for many of my things through having garage sales and donating to charity.

Soon after going through this process my sister received notice she had to move out of her place in a couple of months. I playfully suggested she rent our house and she surprisingly agreed. It was then our journey began.


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