To New Beginnings Part 2

To New Beginnings Part II

We had not really planned on moving right away. Our desire for the last couple of years had been for my husband to find more work in our beloved town of Chico, CA. That desire had remained unfulfilled and it became obvious that God had other plans for our family. The time had come to let go and move forward.

Ironically, God’s plans involved no planning on our part. Once my sister told us she and her husband wanted to rent our house we didn’t even think, we just reacted. We got in the car and took a day trip to look at houses in the surrounding Sacramento areas. The trip was fruitful and we found the perfect house to rent and began moving in after a couple of weeks.

Although it took quite a while to get fully settled, I am happy to say I finally feel at home. “Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home sweet home. For there the heart can rest.”
~Henry Van Dyke

What I’ve learned from all this, is that when change presents itself we must not fear it. Instead, embrace it. The only way to move forward, is to actually move. I think everyone has a certain “destination” they feel called to reach. Unfortunately, many are waiting for the perfect time to start on their journey.

Human beings feel the need to plan everything out, in hopes that things will work out smoothly. The reality is there is no perfect time, and life doesn’t usually run smoothly no matter how well you’ve planned it out. When opportunities present themselves leading you towards your destination, follow them.

A journey suggests passage from one place to another. This most recent journey of mine began as a physical passage from one city to another and evolved into a move forward mentally and emotionally. What began as a change I did not want to accept, has changed me into an acceptable person to myself. I feel at peace.

My hope for anyone reading this, is that you too will let your heart set sail and move forward. Embrace the changes taking place in your life, for they are a part of the journey in reaching your destination. Sometimes your heart may lead you astray but you can always use your brain to course correct later.

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