The Art Bus Dream

Okay, so here goes. I am not going to bow down to fear and doubt anymore. Today I am pretending like I have a magic genie and I am ditching all logic and reason. I am not going to continue allowing financial restrictions to constrict my ideal vision. I am going to believe in my self, trusting only my instinct, so I can think solely from my heart, a non-profit perspective.

Today I realized that in the end, it really isn’t about the dream, it is about the hearts lifted by those who believe in it. About a year ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of sharing a very personal dream with someone I love and respect. This incredible soul not only encouraged me to pursue it, but offered her assistance in procuring funding. Thanks to her, I have the courage to share this Art Bus concept with you.

The intention behind this project, is to stay true to my calling, and honor this dream by sharing it.  Once its narrative makes its way into the world, my hope is that it will find itself in front of the right audience. My wish for whoever this dream captures the attention of, is that my feelings and reason will emotionally move you to partner with me in bringing relief and healing to the hearts of others.

My dream is to buy a bus, preferably an older, well rounded school bus, and completely gut it. I would like to then transform the empty vehicle into a combo studio and office, conducive to both artistic expression and therapeutic reflection. Although unnecessary, It would also be nice to incorporate a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station somewhere within the confines of the space.

I would love to document this process of reconstruction in conjunction with a local resource such as a photographer, or videographer, or maybe even the local BCAC? Once the renovations have been completed and the designated areas have been sectioned off, I would like to employ myself, as an artist and compassionate visionary, to run this project, along with a couple of artists and a licensed mental health professional.

Ideally I would like to have at least one paid person working 4 to 8 hours a day, alongside volunteers and artists from the community. Because I’m dedicated to my husband and children during the evenings and weekends, I do not plan on having the bus available during those times. The bus will be parked in a new designated location, including businesses and schools, every other week.

Collectively, the plan is to partner with my Butte County community and create a safe space for people to share their stories and begin their healing process. Anyone who boards this bus will have access to art supplies and practical coping mechanisms. The overall goal of the bus is to have a positive affect on well being and mental health by alleviating some of the suffering brought on by trauma. 

A school bus serves as a vessel of transportation between home and school. Alone, it is able to hold passengers, but is incapable of moving without gas or a bus driver. Gas serves as fuel and the driver as the conductor. Together they pick up, transport and drop off sojourners at their predetermined destinations. Then, each person continues on their own journey.

Much like a bus, art serves as a vehicle to transport the mind to its preferred destination. The artist is the driver and they are in control of where they will go and who they will pick up along the way. The great thing about art is that it can time travel. It has the ability to instantly take you back to the past or fast forward into the future. You can go anywhere.  So pack up your trauma baggage and join me on this Art Bus adventure!

<3 The Crafty Cutie

A.K.A. Tatiana 

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