Reflecting Part 2

by Tatiana

It is truly amazing how God works in my life! I am not one to be easily stressed or overwhelmed, but I found myself to be both yesterday. I was really down on myself about how unprepared I feel for this Designer Showcase I am going to be in and confused by all the questions its reality has posed on me as an artist.

I went on Facebook in hopes that it would distract my mind and my anxious heart. Instead it had the opposite affect. I had 2 notifications pending, one, from a fellow artist I run into at artistic gatherings and the other, from my former painting teacher. The artist, had posted a link to my Crafty Cutie fan page and wrote “a friends page …..someone who i randomly see around the town where i live who always makes me smile..hard working mom and brilliant creator.” My former teacher had responded to a comment I had made on her page with “Oh Tatiana, you felt me thinking about you………life’s struggles and creative juices drew me toward you yesterday. I thought about your precious little gems, inspiring images, and delightful creations…..I smiled. I’d love to catch up with you sometime soon, hope you are well.”

Wow! Talk about clarity! My attempt at distraction had actually given me focus and answers to the questions I posed in my previous blog post. The first two, “who am I?” and “what do I do?” were made obvious to me thanks to the people mentioned above. They were then affirmed by a dear friend who wrote “well, I know one of your purposes is to inspire others…me.” in response to my blog post. The answer to my third question, “why do I do it (create art)?” came to me after I got off the phone with my mom today.

So, here it is! I am someone who brings joy, encouragement and inspiration to others through my creations. And, the reason I create is driven by the hope that I will make a positive impact in someones life. Even if my artwork helped just one person get through a difficult moment, I will have succeeded in bringing my mothers prayer for her unborn child to life. Her prayer was that I would leave this world a better place than when I came into it.

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