Outside my Window

"Outside My Window" Mixed Media by Tatiana

"Outside My Window" Mixed Media by Tatiana

This will be my very first “Makeover Monday” entry. Every Monday I will be taking some random object I picked up at a thrift store or the $1 store and repurposing it.

I found this faux window, which was once a mirror, at the Salvation Army. I immediately saw a little forest scene taking form where the mirror was located. So I bought it, took it home and basically used it as a glorified frame.

You can recreate a similar picture by following these steps:

1. Take any frame or object with an empty, flat center and repaint it with white acrylic paint.

2. Paint your background (sky) with light blue and light gray acrylic paint.

3. With scissors, cut tree silhouettes out of brown, patterned scrapbook paper.

4. Use an x-acto knife to cut tree roots from the same paper.

5. Cut one solid piece of green scrapbook paper to fit behind the tree branches.

6. Use a different kind of green paper to create a grassy area.

7. Draw or trace a bird onto card stock and paint it with black acrylic paint.

8. Wait until the painted sky background and bird have dried completely.

9. Then, arrrange your scenery by placing all of the components into the frame.

10. Make all necessary adjustments, ie. trimming anything that does not fit into the frame, etc.

11. Trace around each individual cut out with a pencil.

12. Remove all pieces, starting with the top layer. Place them upside down, in order from top to bottom, next to the frame.

13. Apply Matte, Gel Medium (found at any craft store, in the paint section) to the back of your bottom layer, which is all the green.

14. Immediately press the green tree foliage and grass onto its place in the background.

15. Repeat step 13 on the tree silhouettes and roots, and attach them to the top of the green layer.

16. Lastly, cover the back of your bird with Gell Medium, and place him above the tree trunks.

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