Never Give Up

Mag-webNever give up on your dreams.

Today one of my dreams became a reality because I simply pursued it.

A few years ago I picked up my first issue of Somerset Studio magazine and it was love at first sight.  I couldn’t believe how many incredible images were in it and was equally blown away by the number of talented artists.  After allowing my excitement to resonate, I remember dreaming of one day being included in this amazing publication.

While I enjoy dreaming, the reality is I have a life I love and live which revolves around nurturing my family.  The last couple of years I’ve been teeter tottering between life and dreams, trying to find balance between the two.  Instead I found frustration.  I focused on my family and lost ground with my dreams.  Then I decided to give more attention to my dreams only falling behind on daily life.

One day I was filling my mind with beauty as I took a break form my least favorite thing in life…laundry and lo and behold I scrolled past the words “Want to get published?”  It just so happened I was on Stampington’s website who’s magazine I once dreamt of being in.  My pupils dilated for a moment until I read the deadline which was only 3 days away.

This was the first and probably only time I would prove my husband right.  He always tells me I don’t live in reality, so I decided to be a surreal and allow myself to be illogical. I grabbed 3 pieces of art work from my studio, finished the one that was in progress and boxed them up.  I drove to the post office and mailed them out Priority.

Months later I received 2 of the pieces of artwork along with a nice little letter saying “Thank you for submitting your artwork” which led into “Out of thousands of submissions we receive, there just isn’t room to publish them all.”  I was disheartened until I read the last sentence “Any artwork that has not been returned to you may still be under consideration for a future publication,” there was hope for my 3rd piece.

That hope evolved into a dream come true and my piece “Home” was published in Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2013.

All this to say, you don’t have put your dreams on hold to live your life.  The two are able to exist simultaneously.  Pursue your dreams, while living your life.  You do have a lifetime to attain them after all 🙂

Wishing your dreams come true,


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