Makeover Monday 2

This piece started off as blank Masonite house.

While pondering what to do with this blank house shaped pencil holder, I remember a plastic package I had held onto that resembled a window.  I decide this window will be my focal point and start there.  Here are instructions on how to complete this project.

1. Paint rooftop of house with Engine Red FolkArt acrylic paint.

2. Paint the rest of house with Tropical Blue Apple Barrel acrylic paint.

3. Use a thin brush and Black acrylic paint to draw a dividing line between house and roof.

4. Apply a small amount of the black paint onto a sponge and dab it around the edges.

5.Cut a picket fence out of white paper and antique it with a brown stamp pad.

6. Find your home town on a map and trace around a plastic package resembling a window.

7. Cut this window (package) shape out of your map. If it is like mine you will then cut the map piece into four pieces.

8. Print out the letters H, O, M and E and punch them out with a circle puncher.

9. Glue your map into your window panes and fill them slightly with resin.

10.  Allow the resin to dry over night.

11. Glue the fence, plastic window and letters onto house with The Ultimate Glue.

12. Add bird stickers to fence and window.

13. Seal finished piece with a Matte or Glossy spray sealant.

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