Life’s Journey

Adjusting My Sails-web

Life is a journey. It is a long and sometimes difficult process, where we change and develop according to personal desires and goals.

These strong feelings of wanting give us drive, which in turn set us in motion. If we allow ourselves to be moved forward without a goal in mind, we risk getting stuck in a metaphorical round a-bout or traveling aimlessly. Desires, much like the wind can be changeable and unrestrained causing us to move in unpredictable directions.

So, instead of allowing our desires to direct us, we must establish destinations for our journey. Once we figure out where we want to go, then we can adjust our goals, like the sails of a ship, in the direction we wish to reach. Reaching each specific destination gives our journey purpose and a sense of accomplishment. Without these two we would never be ambitious enough to discover new territories.

Only you can decide where, if anywhere, you want to go and when to embark on your journey. Then when you’re ready, you must start where you’re at.

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