Feature Friday #1

Hello there! I am very excited to announce that Crafty Cutie will be featuring inspirational creative geniuses and their masterpieces every Friday.

Today I am actually featuring a creation called “Palpable” which inspired me to write the words that follow its picture. I hope to feature Palpable’s creator Muir Hughes and her new blog http://muirhughes.wordpress.com next Friday.


Sweet, tender, Innocent,

His eyes

Speak to me,


In a way that words could never do.

Capturing my attention,

They captivate my thoughts

And quiet all distractions.

His eyes

Reach out to me,


In a way that arms would never be able to,

Revealing his deepest needs,

A desire to be held and truly embraced,

To be seen, as he would like us to see him,

With love and understanding.

His eyes

Touch me,


In a way that hands could never do.

Penetrating beyond my skin,

Reaching the very core of my being,

To the soft, tender heart which hides below.

I no longer wonder why,

Why someone created him without hands.

Why he was made without arms.

I find him beautiful in his own way

And accept him.

Allowing his innocence to draw me in,

I take a closer look,

And sit there for a while,

Amazed that my affection

For this simple little creature

Is almost Palpable.

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