Craft-a-thon Day 7

Hip, hip, hooray!  I have successfully completed the 1st week of my 4 week Craft-a-thon!

In order to post todays project by midnight, I had to kind of cheat.  Although the art work is “technically” complete, I have not attached all the pieces yet.  So the look of it will change ever so slightly after putting it all together.  I will post another photo once I have completed this mission.

This wonderful creation started when I was cleaning my garage and stumbled across 3 figures I had made in a ceramics class I took a while ago.  At the time I was not happy with the way they had turned out, but I held onto them because I like to recycle everything, including “art gone bad.”

I love this piece because of its many layers, both physical and meaningful.  You would never guess that even the wooden shapes I chose to put on the chest of each figuring is symbolic of the word I glued onto them.

Well, I could go on and on about this piece but will just let you experience it for yourself instead.  It is titled “Live, Love Laugh.”   Enjoy.

“Live, Love, Laugh”  by Tatiana

Mixed Media Assemblage

13″ x 19″


*Available for sale during Open Studios tour

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