Craft-a-thon Day 2

I actually made a piece just like this before, but was inspired to make another one thanks to the leftover pieces of metal I had laying around from the first one.

The 4 corners of this piece actually started their life off as part of a vintage half circle napkin holder.  Since it was no longer being used as a napkin holder, I of course did what I do best and cut it up.  This allowed me to re-purpose it giving  it new life and a new meaning.

I had a lot of fun making this piece, especially the clay heart which I adorned with old jewelry wings and a cut out of the word “follow”.  The background is an actual piece of a Northern California map, which makes it extra fun for all you locals.

“Follow your heart”  is one of my very favorite sayings and I am so blessed to be be able to follow mine on this creative journey.  I hope you are inspired to follow yours as well, wherever it may lead!

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