Craft-a-thon Day 18

I finished a 30 day craft-a-thon  3 months ago, but I got so busy that I was only able to post 17 of the 30 projects I completed. This year my goal is to finish what I’ve started, so I will be posting the rest of the craft-a-thon to kick off this new year.

“Spread Your Wings” by Tatiana

Mixed Media Collage



I can’t believe the inspiration for this piece came from a bubble wrap package I received in the mail!  I had visualized it as a cool looking sky, so I painted it blue and then rubbed a little white over the bubbles.  I then recycled other packaging that reminded me of a telephone pole and covered it in ruler paper.  I created the clouds out of clay and stamped them with black inked letters.  I then cut the birds out of black paper and sealed them with resin.  As the finishing touch, I used brads to attach some plastic flowers I had picked up at a thrift store.

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