Craft-a-thon Day 16

I love metaphors and the symbolism used to convey their messages.  Although the majority of my work is extremely literal, I occassionally create a piece that is more than meets the eye.

To give you better understanding of what I am talking about, I’ve decided to give you a deeper look into some of the symbolic meaning behind this collage. 

In this piece, an egg which usually denotes a developing embryo, instead represents an idea in its early stages of development, before it has reached a distinctively recognizable form.

The nest is a metaphor for the mind, which contains and shelters all ideas and inspiration.

Anything delivering and/or giving birth to these ideas and inspiration, such as words, music, etc. are symbolized by the black bird.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my head.

“Nesting”  by Tatiana

Collage on canvas

12″ x 12″


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