Anything is possible!

It is kind of funny how random my inspiration can be. Today I did my weekly Spinning class, which is an indoor cycling program, and left bursting with inspiration. This class  always seems to motivate me to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of. I love how during the workout I am constantly reminded to breathe and yet at the same time it can leave me breathless. Once class is over, I walk out the door feeling alive and ready to take on whatever that day is going to throw my way.

Today I realized that this class has taught me some lessons that apply not only to exercise but life in general. First of all, I have learned how resistance, while it can be physical is mainly a state of mind. When you feel it coming on you have two choices, allow it to push you back OR embrace it and push forward against it. I hate to be cliche, okay I actually love to be cliche, but all to often “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It is important to notice the verbiage of this line. It doesn’t say the weak get going, it says the tough do. So imagine how hard it is for little weaklings like myself to keep going when I feel resistance. Life is hard and it’s resistance inevitable. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are stronger than we know and push forward. The second thing I learned, is the harder I push, the further I go and the faster I get there.

So as the sentiment on the card above states, “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!” Dream big, believe in yourself and if you push hard enough, even when resistance comes your way, you WILL achieve your goals.

A thank you to Hero Arts for creating the beautiful stamps I used to create the card featured at the beginning of this post. Without their imagery it would not have been as easy for me to turn my artistic vision into reality. As soon as I wrote this post I thought of the Hero Arts “Bicycle” stamp, then came up with the rest of the design in which I also used one their “Three Girls” stamp and “Vertical Clouds” stamp.

Wishing you smiles and sunshine,


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