Anxious Ideas Await Freedom

The Great Escape-web

Ideas wait,

impatiently at the gate.

My heart speaks,

saying “release them at once!”

My narrow mind,

suddenly interrupts.

telling my heart,

“there are just too many of them.”

The path closes,

and the battle begins.

Ideas rage,

competing for freedom.

I am taunted,

they need to be released.

Mental  confines,

are not their destiny.

Decision time,

their fate is in my hands.

I’m listening,

as they plead their cases.

Each convincing,

in their own unique way.

How can I choose,

one and not the other?

They convince me,

to free them all at once.

I release them,

and they flea to my heart.

There they will live,

until my hands free them.

Freedom is close,

they are content for now.


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