Adjusting my Sails-Ice Resin and Walnut Hollow Blog Hop

Welcome to our 2 day Blog Hop featuring Ice Resin and Walnut Hollow If you’re starting here be sure to hop on over to and see Sara Shirman’s awesome project. While you’re there  you can enter to win the awesome Walnut Hollow prize pack.

SSetting Sail with Ice Resin and Walnut Hollow

Life’s journey is unique to each individual. Some people have it planned out, while others, like myself go wherever the wind blows.

On my journey I have experienced calm waters and smooth sailing as well as, strong winds and high waves while riding out a storm. The difficult times have forced me to change and develop along the way, but I have allowed myself to be moved forward without a destination in mind.

I feel as though I’ve been traveling aimlessly, moved about by temporary desires or moments of crisis. These two things much like the wind have been changeable and unrestrained causing me to move in unpredictable directions.

These strong feelings of wanting have given me drive, which in turn has set me in motion and I am now at a place where my heart has established destinations for my journey.

What about YOU? Have you figured out where you want to go in this journey called life? What you want to accomplish along the way? If so, then all we have to do is adjust our goals, like the sails of a ship, in the direction we are passionate about reaching.

Take control of your journey.

Setting Sail mixed media box with Ice Resin and Walnut Hollow

Featured products used on this piece are as follows:

“Classic Box” by Walnut Hollow as a base

ICE Resin®

Art Mechanique™ Heart Silhouette

Iced Enamels™ Medium

Iced Enamels™ Garnet (available mid March 2014)

Iced Enamels™ Shattered Mica

Iced Enamels™ Shattered Inclusions-Opal


Basic instructions:

1. Empty 2 entire 1 oz. ICE Resin® syringes into a cup and mix for 2 minutes.

2. Cover the sides of the Classic Box with ICE Resin® and place blue lace onto it.

3. Using a disposable brush apply ICE Resin® over the layer of lace.

4. Pour remainder of Resin on top of the box using brush to cover it entirely.

5. Sprinkle Iced Enamels™ Shattered Opal and Shattered Mica over box top and lace.

6. On a plastic bag brush ICE Resin® over a 4″ x 8″ piece of a map.

7. Place box and map on a craft mat and allow the Resin to cure for 72 hours.

8. Fold a paper boat out of a vintage looking piece of paper.

9. Using a stencil draw 2 wings onto the cured ICE Resin® covered map.

10. Brush the Heart Silhouette with Iced Enamels™ Medium.

11. Sprinkle it with the red Iced Enamels™ and fuse with a heat gun.

12. Assemble your sails and heart with wire and brads onto the disposable brush.

13. Cut a small hole into the center of the boat and insert bottom of brush stick.

14. Ink and embellish as much as your heart desires.

Wishing you smiles and sunshine,



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