Makeover Monday-House Frame-DIY

Happy Monday to you! Lets start this week off the right way with some creativity. Today I will be showing you how to turn an unfinished wooden house frame into this…

1. Remove oval center piece and paint house black and roof red.

2. Decorate the frame by stamping it with decorative stamps and white StazOn Ink. I also used a white Gelly Roll pen to write a quote at the top.

3. Use The Ultimate Glue to collage sheet music and a bird image to your center piece.

4. Attach a nest to twigs with wire, then place it where you want it on the frame. Drill holes on each side of twigs, so you can secure them to the frame with wire.

5. Cut 2″ pieces of wire and feed each one through one hole and then over the twig into the other hole. Twist each piece of wire behind frame tightly so it secures the twig in place.

6. Place collaged center piece into frame.

7. Use wire to attach heart bead to nest.

8. Screw red wooden hope word to bottom of frame.

Have a wonderful week everyone,


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