Images and words connect the world around us to the world that lies within us and art can be a bridge between the two. My artwork began as idealized creation taking place at the intersection between myself and the world, a metaphor for the re-creation I struggled to complete on myself. I loved taking discarded items such as magazines and rescuing images or words from them. The ability to save the parts that were important to me by cutting around them allowed me to resurrect and find beauty in things others had abandoned. The selection of images and text, the physical process of cutting out the images, and creation of the final collage were and still are equally important stages of my expression.

Over time my motivations have changed. Art was once a necessary psychological release of emotions, but now I explore words and language from a playful and childlike perspective. Visual representation of words and phrases form the foundation of my art and jewelry.
Making a piece begins when I hear a word or phrase and visualize it; I translate the literal meaning into a visual scene the way a child would. Sometimes the process of finding the objects and/or images I need can take a long time, but the process of solving the puzzle is exciting and rewarding. While I could simply paint or draw the images I need, getting them from another source both challenges me and adds layers of meaning to my art. Recycled images and objects serve the dual purpose of bringing a certain presence and nostalgic character to my art and offer proof that value can be salvaged from things others consider worthless.

If there is any statement behind my work it is that some part, even if very small, of everything is reusable and, in some context, beautiful. A less complicated but no less important objective is that people who see my art feel some of the joy God has filled my heart with. The habit of considering and visualizing the literal meaning of sayings, proverbs, maxims, aphorisms, etc. has brought me many smiles and much laughter. I hope that the capacity to think like a child and approach the world with a naïve and literal eye is encouraged by my art.